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Greenwich Village Vignettes is a collection of short stories, or vignettes, chronicling a boy’s coming of age during the time period after the Second World War, to the close of the tumultuous and life-changing decade of the 1960’s.The area was always known for its artists, bohemians and intellectuals. My world consisted of an Italian-American ghetto, with all the hopes, pitfalls and myriad characters such an environment produced. Pictures emerge that are happy, sad, funny, poignant and tragic. Pictures of life that are an homage to the Greenwich Village I knew and grew up in, and to those who passed through there with me. These recollections are based upon factual events. To a limited degree, sequences have been rearranged or juxtaposed to fit the story line. Ultimately, it is a memoir and not a document of history. Any failure to be exact is due to the many years that separate me from their occurrence. It is what I remember, and relying upon that, in itself, exposes its fallibility.
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