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Comments on Sasha Newell's Article (2018) "The Affectiveness of Symbols"

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In February 2018, Sasha Newell, Associate Professor in Anthropology at the Free University of Brussells, publishes an article that marks the changing of the guard. Newell aims to mesh affective theory and the new materialism with classic symbolic anthropology. The hybrid should overcome the weaknesses of both. The materiality of symbols produces affect. The efficacy of ritual is based on the manipulation of affect.
Newell's research investigates affectively charged material objects in storage spaces in US homes. What is the source of their emotional power?
These comments rely on models built on category-based nested forms. An interscope developed in Comments on Proudfoot's book (1985) Religious Experience will bootstrap the re-articulation.
Models of specificative and exemplar signs were developed in comments of John Deely's book (1994) "New Beginnings". These comments synthesize one more sign, which I call the "interventional sign". An interventional sign comes into play in the contest between hoarders and trashers.

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