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Blood Magic

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Mitch Castle was a sweet-talking Sgt of Arms for his motorcycle club, Night Prowlers. The youngest boy of the Pride had no trouble finding a woman to warm his bed. He seemed to always have a girl on his arm until he met his last charge. When Fate came calling, pushing her into the arms of another, he was heartbroken. To fill that hole, he dove into his work, hunting a demon that was killing witches. Besides, keeping his mind on work was better than thinking about her.

Until he comes across the woman in the woods...

Eva Siverling didn't like her destiny. She tried running from it; however, you can't run from magic. Eva's sister died at the hands of a demon but not before she cast a spell to trap her soul from him. Eva will have to dive into a life she never wanted, trust people she never expected and become who she never imagined, to stop Orion from bleeding her other sisters dry.

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