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Mustering the Forces: Formidable Fighter, #1

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A successful martial artist has the physical strength and mental tenacity required to gain the respect of a bigger opponent. To achieve this kind of physical and mental strength, you must train with intent. Start by avoiding weak efforts. Don’t cheat on the exercises regardless of whether they comprise pushups, squats, jumping jacks, bag work, forms practice, sparring, or just coming to class motivated and ready to go. Dig down deep and you will discover that you have the mind, heart, and fortitude to succeed. This book sets the stage for the training that is to follow, so that you can step up and break the barrier that prevents you from reaching your full potential. Since the advice is not style specific but explores the underlying concepts of personal combat, it is applicable to students of most martial styles. Formidable Fighter: The Complete Series, a compilation of all 14 books in this series, is available in both electronic and print format.

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