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Fox Furry

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I wanted what she offered. A handsome man, she said, who I’d be the companion to for the rest of my life. And now I remember what she’d asked me. You like a man, right? Like she was taking and fulfilling my order.

But I didn’t consent to be caged and collared.

Or maybe I did?

I remember the phrase temporary discomfort for a life of wealth and happiness from her mouth as she summarized the terms.

Did I consent to this? Did I sign to let her turn me into whatever I am? A tailed, long-eared thing with too much hair. A mutant, basically. A Fox Furry.


Collin is about to be homeless. He was desperately looking for job, but now, thanks to a crazy gypsy lady who wants to sell him in her petshop, he has ears and a tail. He doesn’t look bad. In fact, he kind of likes the black-tipped ears and his silky fur. But he can’t go back to Earth. His transformation is physical, not magical, and that means permanent.

He’s technically a pet by the laws of Pangea. All he can hope for is that Sean, the handsome cop detective who rescued him, will want to keep him.

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