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Bosom Destiny

115 pages1 hour


Elizabeth leads a normal, average life until she becomes the sole heir to her eccentric Great Aunt Eunice's estate. But in order to receive the multi-million dollar windfall, she has to live alone on the property for six months and is only allowed a limited amount of time off the property requiring the use of an ankle bracelet. As she quits her job and says goodbye to her family and friends and moves in, she realizes there is more than meets the eye to the house, and the land. She is not alone, and the house has a life of its own but it is the effects of merely living in the residence that soon manifest in her changing, growing bust line. At first she welcomes the growth, but too much happens too fast and she is faced with a dire dilemma. Her growing bust is not just a random side effect, but part of a grander plan that has society level implications.

This story contains sex, BE as well as some elements of absorption. It is not a traditional BE story in that the journey, the adventure and the angst of the MC is the focus along with her growing bust line. It is a bit of a slow burn, not a quick and dirty story about a mindless, sex-crazed bimbo experiencing quick, extreme growth.

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