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The Hucow Hotel Bundle

62 pages50 minutes


This deliciously juicy bundle includes three previously published erotic shorts from Kelsey Tate’s Hucow Hotel series.

Hucow Hotel (Book 1)

Natalie just wants a quiet drink in the hotel lobby. However, Jonathon, the wealthy hotel owner, has other ideas. When he sees her bursting, juicy breasts, he asks Natalie to dinner. She soon reveals the creamy milk that she can produce when she unclips her juicy breasts from their bra.

Soon, Jonathon’s addicted to her rich, decadent milk. Breakfast is disappointing without her deliciously rich dairy, and he’s hungry for her. After a brief time away, Natalie arrives back at Jonathon’s hotel. When her creamy milk runs across his tongue once more, he realizes that he doesn’t want to be apart from Natalie, her luscious breasts, and her deliciously nourishing milk ever again...

Exclusive Service (Book 2)

Natalie’s rich, creamy dairy has impressed wealthy hotelier Jonathon, and soon he is enjoying her delicious creamy produce—among other things—every day. However, Jonathon travels a lot, so Hucow Natalie's bursting breasts start becoming fuller and more tender. She needs release.
Jonathon and Natalie decide to provide an exclusive service: wealthy hotel guests can enjoy more than just the sweet taste of the minibar if they make a special booking. Guest after guest is brought to a climactic state after experiencing Natalie’s creamy delights. Through word-of-mouth, the Hucow Hotel—and Natalie's delicious, creamy milk—start becoming world-famous. More and more high-powered guests arrive to taste her rich, nourishing milk. Soon, demand for Natalie's delicious milk skyrockets, and demand outstrips supply...

Outsourced Cream (Book 3)

When the Hucow Hotel's extra offerings become globally sought-after, Hucow Natalie struggles to release enough creamy milk from her heaving breasts for everyone. Natalie and hotelier Jonathon begin interviewing potential Hucow talent to supplement their hotel's supply of delicious, nourishing milk.

The applicants—and their rich, decadent milk—are each sexy and provocative in a different way. They each enjoy the pleasure of releasing their delicious, creamy milk. They also like being mounted by the high-profile hotel guests. And one Hucow has a very specific talent—squirting more than just milk onto her happy clients.

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