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Might As Well Can't Dance!

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Pick a profession, and chances are good there are some interesting stories to tell. Imagine what an astronaut has seen, or a first responder faces everyday. I never expected to pilot a helicopter a thousand feet above the Southern California freeways, interview surviving iron workers who built the Golden Gate Bridge, or work along side my childhood idols. I certainly never expected to be surrounded by sixteen Bengal tigers. But the career that found me provided these and other unusual opportunities.

It was the year Richard Nixon was elected President, Otis Redding was Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay, and a Big Mac was forty nine cents. I recall striking out on my first full-time job in a new town only to discover several college friends were beginning their professional lives there too. Except for one other, they were all teachers with lots in common. That left me and the county Medical Examiner in the corner to swap stories about our “odd” jobs. So whats so unique about my tales? I believe the interesting characters encountered along the way, far outweigh any personal accomplishments. Like the surprise co-host on my mid-morning radio show; a chimpanzee. I could barely get a word in. So even if you’ve never even heard a radio, or seen the west coast of North America, I’ll try to keep it interesting.

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