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Trust (Book 2 of Dirty South Series)

210 pages3 hours


Burned from a previous relationship, Charlie has no desire to look at another man. That is until her friendship with Dax heats up!
The night they met she was unavailable and questioning her choices but now that she is unattached Charlie is having a hard time of letting go of the past. She feels as though she may never trust another man.

Months after a terrible break up, Dax offers Charlie the use of his house so that she can get away from the memories of that night. He just wants to take away her pain. Well he wants more but his needs will have to wait!

Does Charlie find it within herself to let the friendship go further?

Can Dax contain his desires for Charlie until she is ready?

Excerpt from the book.
The thin white curtains are swaying in the breeze around the gorgeous black - haired woman. She's spread out on the padded table. She is on her stomach and her raven hair's scattered around obscuring her face, yet her body is so familiar to me. She is dressed in a silky red robe and is beginning to writhe on the padded table. Stepping further into the room, I see my favorite deerskin flogger in the cabinet, so I make my way to it. As I pick up the supple instrument, I hear the familiar woman moan. Turning my attention towards the sound, I notice that she has slipped out of the red robe. I wondered how she did that with her hands tied to the table like that?

Another moan escapes her lips and I see that she is in the most intricate Shabari corset I have ever seen. Intrigued, I step closer to the table and run my fingertips across the thin purple hemp ropes. Purple suits this woman’s flawless skin and the knotting is the most stunning thing that I have ever seen. It doesn’t make sense..... this wasn’t there when I walked into the room and this would have taken hours to achieve. I can tell that she's turned on. The way that she is moving her body on the table trying to get relief from the ropes. To give her the relief that she so desperately needs.

As my eyes move down her gorgeous body, and I pause when I see that she is glistening. Feeling my heart racing in my chest. Suddenly, my lips are so parched, and she is the only thing to quench my thirst. Licking my already parched lips, I move forward to drink this woman’s essence. There is something so familiar about her.....

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