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Wanton Blood

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An emotional novel of forbidden love set in Medieval England. Samantha of Wildrock is the beautiful 18-year-old ward of Dylan and Anne. Anne is dying and her lonely husband is tormented by impure thoughts about the girl. The crone who supplies Anne’s herbs has a vision of a terrible act that leads to a tragic end for the Samantha and Dylan. In a misguided attempt to alter their destinies, Anne makes a desperate request of Samantha. In doing so, she unwittingly sets in motion the crone’s prophecy. On the run from the law, Samantha discovers there are deeper depths to her blossoming sexuality, but even as she faces the hangman’s noose, she can’t escape the passion she shared with her guardian, Dylan.

Wanton Blood is part of Evelyn Ellis’s Historical First Time Forbidden Series, tales of erotic encounters between young virginal women and the older men who desire them. This full length novel contains scenes, language and themes intended for an adult audience. Sensitive readers are strongly cautioned.

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