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Khutulun's Response Ability

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Bounty: HAND DELIVER Intact Prototype Game Console – Gates City – 1M$ – [apply for job]

For the freelance mercenary, Khutulun, the advertisement sounded like a straightforward theft. Secure a box, deliver it to an office, and collect a million dollars – not credits, dollars. The stipulation that it be hand delivered was unusual and made the gig more difficult. No dead drops or third party couriers meant she would have to have the thing in her possession for a longer time, and Gates City was a dangerous place to be in possession of anything stolen from The Microsoft Nation-Status Corporation.

By itself, anything that was worth a million dollars to a competitor was sure to draw the attention of Microsoft’s entire police force. The console had already been stolen and recovered once. Adding a traitor, a corrupt Senator, and a murder, Khutulun’s synthetic legs were about to carry her into a whole new kind of challenge.

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