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We Seek To Rule: Modern Life in the Spirit of The Mozi

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Mohism was an ancient Chinese movement with political, philosophical, and religious elements, founded by a man named Mozi. The Mozi was a guide book for Mohist proselytizers and teachers, written to continue serving the Mohist movement as an authoritative source of doctrine after the passing of its founder. The Mozi mostly consists of essays for reforming the ways of ancient Chinese noblemen. In it Mozi says to only talk about what can be acted on.

Master Mozi said: "Words that can lead to actions may always be expressed, but if they cannot be followed up by action then one must never speak them. If you treat them as if they could lead to deeds and always talk about them, that's useless chatter."

As opposed to pure scholarship, the purpose of this book is to propose how Mohist doctrine might still be applied in modern times. Therefore the proper organizing principle for this book is to recast the teachings of The Mozi as more general guidance for behavior in all walks of life and in all times and places.

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