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Accessing Platforms for Higher Productivity

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God has planned for you to fulfill important purposes during your lifetime, and you don’t know how long you have to do so. Each new day is a valuable opportunity, from God, to do more of the work he has uniquely called you to do in his kingdom.
Too many people waste precious time and energy on pursuits that don’t reflect God’s values and don’t really matter from an eternal perspective. Starting now, you can make sure that you’re as productive as possible, so you can leave the kind of legacy God intends for the next generation.
As you read through this book, I want you to use the strategies below to maximize your productivity in God’s kingdom:
Be about your Heavenly Father's business. Devote yourself to using your time and energy in the best way possible: pursuing God’s purposes for your life. Respond to God’s love for you by expressing your love for him, committing to faithfully being as productive as possible every day of your life from now on. Live in one-day segments of faithful obedience, doing the best you can each new day to do whatever you sense God calling you to do during that time. Then renew your commitment to serve God when you wake up to another fresh day.

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