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Goldenhearts: A Billionaire Bad Boy Trilogy

346 pages5 hours


All the stories in the Goldenhearts trilogy, together for your reading pleasure! Meet the heroines and the wealthy alpha males they will fall for. Three connected but independent (and wildly different) novellas with billionaire bad boys... and one bad girl.

BOUGHT -- Lara Bold wants revenge from eccentric billionaire Theo Lambert. She starts working for him under a false identity, but she doesn't realize she's getting too close to the man she hates. Can she ignore the powerful feelings growing inside her and enact her revenge? Or will she fall in the arms of the rich jerk she set out to destroy?

SOLD -- Vanina Vokhtazin came to America as a mail-order bride. A chance encounter in a bar will turn her life around when she meets Ace Hart, the handsome leader of a nationwide illegal gambling operation. Danger will pull them together as they both run for their lives!

OWNED -- Callie Forth thinks she has found gold when a French billionaire seduces her. But then another man knocks at her door. Mysterious, attractive Narc is all she could ever want... but why did he come to her with lies and deceit? What is he hiding? Against her best instincts, Callie will turn him into her toy. She can't resist playing games with him! But there's much more to the story than what she can see. And there's danger everywhere.

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