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The Secret to Happiness: Overcoming Negative Thinking

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There is no one on the surface of the world who doesn't wish or desire to be happy or to experience happiness, but unfortunately, it is not everybody is having it or experiencing it. The question is, 'Is it life's will or God's will? The answer IS NO. if No, why am i not happy? Your happiness is not in God's hands or life, IT IS IN YOUR OWNHANDS! Not your spouse, children, Job etc but your own hands. You give power to whom you permit in your life to rule you!

In this book, there is hope to experience happiness and the secret to happiness is revealed in this book and the path to be happy. First pathway to this is to change your thought pattern from negative to positive no matter your circumstances.
Choose to be happy no matter whatever you may be going through.

In this book, it will teach you how to control negative thoughts to positive thoughts
2. Show you the EFFECTS of negative thinking
3. Show you the DANGERS of negative thoughts
4. How to overcome negative thinking
5. How to change your negative thought pattern to positive ones
6. The Power of positive thinking and lots more.

You can be happy and be all God wants you to be. Just a copy of this great book to begin your journey to happiness. You will not be disappointed, I GUARANTEE YOU!

My life before had been that of a negative one due to my background, but as i come across books like this, my life turnaround till date enjoying the best of life. You too can. Let the book show you the secret to it.

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