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Victory:The Last Destroyer

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A science-fiction story, suitable for all ages.
This work consolidates Victory The Last Destroyer and Fleet Restoration, previously published separately.

The war. It was all but forgotten. Yet some had been secretly tasked, they had tirelessly worked from the shadows for generations. They had refused to accept undeserved was the time. Armed with secret historical knowledge, access to a relic of the distant past could change everything... After war, the victors write the history...

As Victory had decelerated on arrival at the meeting point, the stars had shifted to points in the darkness instead of the faint coloured lines of light Plus travel.
All eyes had shifted with the change to the view. The heated discussion momentarily forgotten. A distant gas cloud with a newly formed star at its inner edge, had light scattering throughout, producing vast fields of ever shifting rainbows. It was pretty to the point of heart stopping.
At that moment, alongside Victory, blocking the view of the cloud, space itself appear to rip. It had been like black velvet being pulled from two edges, with the force to rip open the center of the cloth. The gap of gray in the darkness had widened and from within emerged a ship.
Patterson had been expecting a ship to meet them. She had expected it to be already here. This was, she did have to say, by far a more impressive entrance. The ship was small, in comparison to the Victory. It was unlike anything Patterson or anyone else in the mess hall had ever seen. It looked almost alive, organic. It was just It was more pretty than the gas cloud, which reappeared as the tear in space faded.

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