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A Psychotherapy? No... A Lifetime...

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Sometimes the therapeutic journey brings up a strong need to “fix” its most significant stages. So it happens that the person discovers a poetic vein in speaking and narrating. It’s owing to this, that a client was able to track a pathway, to write a story of sorrow and of memories, nice and unpleasant; that the protagonist of the therapeutic process caught in her memory, slowly, slowly. And equally slowly, slowly she shaped the emerging figures in the fog with the aid of her psychotherapist. This piece of work shall lead the reader into the secrets of a therapy that turns out to be the research of the “true” story of the childhood of everyone of us. Each poem testifies how difficult it is to recall the past, to rebuild it through the renewal of emotions, anguish, experienced and concealed, until you find their sense by means of a crude, maybe cruel rereading of reality. It’s as if we have many pieces of a puzzle of which we have lost the picture.

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