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Praying for and Eclipse: Father Sun: Praying For an Eclipse

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Meet Santi and Javi, two boys from the slums of Guatemala City. Their mother’s ties to the MS-13 gang places their lives in imminent danger. The boys are descendants of Suré, an indigenous Tarahumara woman, who passed down the Rarámuri belief of praying to Mother Moon and Father Sun. The brutal violence that defines gang life in Guatemala, forces Santi and Javi to flee their homeland, riding on top of a freight train – dubbed La Bestia – on a dangerous journey across Mexico.

Praying for an Eclipse: Father Sun is the second book in a three-part series that narrates the compelling lives of a Mexican family, seeking to be reunited through the mystical power of an eclipse. It is a gut-wrenching portrayal of the Central American realities that force thousands of people each year to leave behind their homes and migrate to the U.S. in search of a better life.

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