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Poems Everyone Enjoys: With Coloured Illustrations

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'Poems Everyone Enjoys' is an anthology of 50 original poems, by the author. It's for anyone of mature age (16+), including non-traditional poetry readers.
In this third edition, most of the poems are supported by a coloured illustration.
The vast majority of the poems were inspired by true events -- consisting of the author’s observation of other people, of life in general and of London’s natural and physical environment. The poems also include some personal experiences and opinions of the author, and a large number of personalised poems that are entertaining too. This ebook should, therefore, contain poems that will appeal to any reader, in some form or another.
The author’s poems on people are insightful, on humour he shows wit and on places in his environment his observations are stunningly descriptive.
To further facilitate the reader’s enjoyment the author has included a glossary. This should be invaluable to many readers, especially if English is not their first language.

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