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Dream Quest: A Seeker’s Guide to Finding the Purpose of Being

325 pages5 hours


Dream Quest reveals a series of vivid lucid dreams that foretell the future and delve into the nature of being. The dreams happened as described, although they are presented within the context of a fictionalized trek that is set on the slopes of New Hampshire’s Mount Major. Alexander and his companions Verity and Futura eventually find refuge from the night’s chill within Madame Leonedria’s grotto. Therein, his dreams about the future, human nature, and reality are discussed in depth. Alexander felt both cursed and blessed by these remarkable events, for the gift that allowed him to find a metaphysical path to God’s door slowly began consuming his mind. Indeed, the condition that sparked his visions degenerated Alexander’s brain, and his memories are now fading. However, the experiences were recorded long ago, and they leave a message that might change your life. This is far more than a book about spirituality or morality. This is a quest for purpose.

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