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Age of Understanding

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“I was either going to get run over taking money that we did not need to the bank across the street or a Hearse was going to pick me up out back, because I worked myself to death” .
That’s what Occurred to me one day at our Business back in 1995.We sold it and came home. The 23 year business We Created “ Peek Performance” was doing great, 1,000’s of friends, Creating and Promoting Events, Machining, Building Engines and Racing Cars, lots of fun, volume and was Rewarding us Handsomely... Life had been a Wonderful, Rock and Roll Adventure for 53 years to this point and since we most of the time did what ” Occurred” to us, We sold it and came home. It was the best Decision WE ever made and then a New Adventure began. I had questions and desired to understand “Where we came from” and “Where the ideas that occurred to me come from”. We discovered that interacting with the world is like the old Pong game, slowdown your paddle, leave your wallet in your pocket, start to reason and things get more peaceful. The world is a rascal, it would like to keep us so busy Reacting that we never understand how it works. It would like to control/ program us Physically, Mentally and Economically. Reason and reject it’s effort . You can have time to Plan and organize your Life better. Most of us have been grist for the mill, listened to the world and followed the brain of reaction instead of discovering our Self and choosing the mind of reason to lead us. We are not Hemingway, The Answers were not what we expected, but we are with you . We are not here to Entertain the Brain but to Define and Find the MIND with LOVE....

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