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Understanding Kingdom Blessings and Prosperity

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When God wants to change the season of a people, he will send to them a seasoned word. The liberty we experience in him is only made possible by the liberty we express in the word. Therefore, whenever God wants his people to have a feel of what he planned for them at any given dispensation, he will say a word to them.
To be blessed is to be empowered. To be blessed is to be connected to God in order to manifest his blessings on the earth. It is the will of God for every child of his to be blessed. In the book of Genesis 1:28, the Bible says, “And God blessed man...” He commanded man to be fruitful, impactful and prosperous and subdue the earth. Until a man is empowered to succeed, he has no power to subdue the earth.
Salary system is the creation of the depravity of man. God’s design from the beginning was for a man to love and serve him, and then the blessings would come upon him. Get me right: what I am talking about here is not just every kind of blessings. Not every blessing is strategic; there are blessings that bring answers that shut the mouth of mockers.

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