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Orbs of Azure: NecroSeam Chronicles, #2

640 pages9 hours


A Warrior Princess. A Vengeful King. A Hero awakened.

A dark force threatens the world of Nirus. Prophecy says only the ShadowBlood can stop it.  But, will he be found in time?

When Princess Willow discovers her missing fiancé actually coexists inside his twin, she is determined to help the brothers and their friends find Xavier's body. But their search takes a detour when the false King of Land declares war with the Death knights. Willow and the twins barely escape in time, but their comrades are taken captive to an impenetrable fortress high in the Golden Canyons.As the highest ranking Reaper currently in the Land realm, the Death princess leads a small group of knights on a dangerous rescue mission to free their friends. During the attack on the heavily fortified prison, Xavier and Alexander are blown off a canyon bridge into the treacherous shifting sands below, and end up tapping into innate magic abilities stronger than  anything seen before.Yet, Xavier is no closer to finding his body. He longs to be normal again, especially since he is now reunited with Willow...only it's his brother's body, not his. Even if his soul-less body is alive, how will he put his soul back? The Dream Realm relic, the Orbs of Azure, may be the key.

First, they must survive this war. And now the stakes have doubled, with living soldiers on one side and undead demons on the other...all enemies intent on destroying Willow and the twins.  But there are others willing to risk their lives protecting these Reapers, including seers and royal allies from different realms.

All who claim to be searching for the "ShadowBlood". Someone who looks just like the twins...if they had been born as one.

Orbs of Azure is the second book of the NecroSeam Chronicles series, a unique and original "Sword and Sorcery" Epic Fantasy that takes readers on a thrilling adventure they won't soon forget!

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