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Kingdom of Little Angels: Story 2 - Guardians of King Amor and the Book of Fates

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Welcome back to the Kingdom of little angels somewhere in Heaven, where adorable little angels serve our heavenly Father and His Son in the spirit of Faith, Hope and Love. Years after their having found their best friends in the world of children of man, who cured their young adorable king Amor, white-winged creatures are forced to struggle with yet even more cruel plans of the king of darkness and his wise and silly counselors. Millennia ago, children’s fears that externally always look like angels of Light but inside themselves hide dark powers capable of entangling credulous kids into snares have been cast down to the subterranean dungeon in the tower by the royal palace of young adorable angels. Having been defeated in his previous attempts to punish prince Amor, His Loathsomeness decides to follow his wise counselor’s plan to release children’s fears from their detention and incinerate the fairy Book of Fates that is capable of telling everything about everyone in the world of children of man and in that of little angels. Being aware that the young king of little angels wholeheartedly loves his adorable sweetheart, they decide to steal her little infants that she’s so carefully defending at the Kids Delivery Agency prior to their being sent to their future Moms and Dads on the planet named Earth. But the silly king of darkness is definitely unaware that love in Amor’s heart doesn’t fail and it’s capable of allowing him commit self-sacrifice for the sake of saving his sweetheart.

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