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Last Supper

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Hosting a local television show about cooking final meals for inmates on death row is the type of gig that Texas chef James McAllister would normally turn down … but sometimes fate makes these decisions for you.

James’s brother, Ryan, is facing capital punishment at the Huntsville Penitentiary for the alleged murder of a police officer, but his lawyer is confident she can get the charge reduced. She just needs time. Meanwhile, in an attempt to boost its image, the prison agrees to unbar its doors to allow cable access reality show The Last Supper to film a dying man's last meal. In exchange for bringing his cooking talents to new lows, James is granted a private meal with his brother each week.

But as the time is ticking on Ryan's appeal, a shady figure from their past resurfaces looking to exploit James's new inroads into the prison and threatening him with information that could destroy everything he's spent his life creating.

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