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Fringe Benefits: Coffee & Crime Mystery, #4

334 pages5 hours


Romance author Lila Lee Merrill, the undisputed First Lady of Love, comes home to Horizon for a book signing at the book shop of Ellie Gooden's friend, Laura Lincoln. Fans are lined up, the coffee is flowing and the book signing is a hit - right up until Lila Lee keels over on the floor, dead of anaphylactic shock. According to the author's personal assistant, Lila Lee was working on a tell-all memoir, that would name names and shames, exposing her affairs with both her local and international lovers. Ellie - and Horizon's newest police detective, Charlie - must dig into the town's smutty secrets to determine who killed Lila Lee before Laura Lincoln's father, one of Lila Lee's conquests, winds up serving time for the crime.

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