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Holly Grove Homecoming

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When Carly Morrison moved to Holly Grove, Tennessee, the last person she expected to run into was FBI Agent Trooper Myers. Everybody knew Trooper had cut ties with his hometown twenty years earlier when his parents were murdered and his mother accused of being a child predator. And although Carly moved to Holly Grove for reasons that had nothing to do with Trooper, now that she’s here, she plans to write a true crime book about his parents’ murders. She can only hope that Trooper’s unexpected return won’t upset her plans.

Over the past twenty years, Trooper Myers has come up with plenty of excuses for staying away from his hometown, but now that he’s on medical leave, he can’t justify not returning to begin his long-delayed investigation into his parents’ deaths. Fortunately, his aunt Myrna is thrilled to have him back in town, but he’s curious about her new neighbor. Carly Morrison sets off all sorts of alarms on his suspicion meter, but at the same time, she appeals to him in ways no woman ever has.

With so many secrets and suspicions threatening their relationship, can Carly and Trooper not only solve a twenty-year-old murder mystery but also learn to trust each other enough to plan for the future

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