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2020 - The Countdown Begins: End of the Sixth Age, #1

69 pages54 minutes


Her modified DNA assures superior strength, intelligence, and health for 110 years. Jason will find her secret, at any cost.

Jason must die.

Karen Lane has been a hunted woman nearly 30 years. To save her friends, she took the last dose of a product called FSAT. It gave her the expected strength to free them from Jason Matthews.

Unexpectedly, unlike other test subjects, FSAT didn’t kill her.

Jason has to know why. He will give anything… sacrifice anyone… to recapture her and continue his brutal “testing.”

It's part of his big plan. A plan for worldwide domination, with himself as the supreme leader.

Karen eluded Jason for years. No more. She is the strongest, most intelligent person alive. She has decided. Jason Matthews must die. Because if he wins, everyone loses.

As you look around, do you wonder what’s actually is going on? Where are we heading? Toward Utopia, or destruction? What might soon happen that could bring about the “End of the Sixth Age?”

Read this thought-provoking novella about the first member of a unique team that forms to hold off the ultimate evil as long as possible.

The days are dark, and time is running out.

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