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Murder At Medley Park: A Juliette Abbott Regency Mystery, #4

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MURDER AT MEDLEY PARK is Book 4 in the Juliette Abbott Regency Mystery Series. What happens when clever young sleuth Miss Juliette Abbott accepts an assignment to catalogue precious artifacts belonging to the wealthy Lord and Lady Medley at their country estate? First, a stable lad is found murdered, and soon thereafter Lady Medley's entire collection of valuable jewels is discovered missing! Following yet another murder, Juliette is drawn into the mystery when it's noted that she was the last person to see the deceased alive and an item belonging to that person is found in her bedchamber!

Juliette has no choice but to clear her name. Among the suspects on her list include the attractive housekeeper, a prim governess who quotes the Bible whilst correcting everyone's behavior, a pair of handsome young gentlemen twins, a visiting cousin who has no proof that she truly is a cousin and two meddlesome children who chase kittens.

When Juliette receives an ominous threat on her life, she knows time is running out. Can she expose the killer, or will she find her neck in a noose as payment for both the theft and murders at Medley Park?

In the tradition of Stephanie Barron and Jane Austen, Marilyn Clay's Regency mystery novels contain no strong language or violence and are suitable for teen readers.

If you enjoy the Regency mystery novels of Ashley Gardner, Stephanie Barron, Sheri Cobb South, Alyssa Maxwell, Adele Clee, and Heidi Ashworth, you'll enjoy Marilyn Clay's traditional, clean, and always amusing Regency-set mysteries.

Other titles in the Juliette Abbott Regency Mystery Series are MURDER AT MORLAND MANOR, MURDER IN MAYFAIR, MURDER AT MARGATE, and MURDER IN MIDDLEWYCH; all available in both print and Ebook from major online retailers.

Best-selling author MARILYN CLAY has written numerous Regency romances, all originally published in print and now as ebooks. The Wrong Miss Fairfax, Felicity's Folly, Bewitching Lord Winterton, Miss Darby's Debut, Hyde Park Spectacle, Miss Eliza's Gentleman Caller, Brighton Beauty, A Pretty Puzzle, The Uppity Earl, and The Unsuitable Suitor.

Look for all of Marilyn Clay's historical suspense novels als available from major online retailers!

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