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American Rebirth: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel: American Rebirth, #3

364 pages6 hours


A Legend Caught in a Revolution. A New Life That Mirrors the Past. A Dark Cult Threatening to Destroy What's Left of Civilization.

Some things you just can't escape, doesn't matter how far you run.

King Daryn has turned the Sons of Liberty into a war machine. Texas is flooded with exiles and refugees. The Church of The Redemption has come to power, changing the geopolitical landscape.

Everything the Clearwater crew knew is gone. They've had to start a new life, hidden away from it all. Stealing what they can to survive. But there's no safety in solitude. They know that better than anyone.

Everything they know is about to change, when they stumble upon enough silver and weaponry to buy a small army. There's just one problem--the people who it belonged to are about to come looking for it.

And a new war simmering in the dark is about to tear the country apart. No matter how far they push it away, they can't escape the destiny pulling them in like a gravity well.

After all, history will not be denied its legends.

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