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How to become a Winning Trader without going Broke

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This will undoubtedly be the most colorful and brutal book on trading you have ever read as a trader and should be the first book you ever read as a beginner if you are just starting out because it tells it the way it really is, there is no sugar coating it. The live financial market is a place of brutality and volatility and is no place for a trader who is not prepared to deal with what goes on in there, the ideas in this book will help you deal with it realistically.

Make no mistake, the business of making money with money is a dead serious business and the information in this book will open any trader’s eyes especially if they are new and let them know how to get prepared and what they are truly up against when entering the live markets. What you do on demo does not matter it is only what you do in the live market that is what will make you real money, are you prepared?

When you have completed reading this entire book you will be better prepared to work in any live financial market using your own rule based plan which you will have composed to work in your chosen market. You will know what it takes to work in the live markets and what is required to make an unlimited income from anywhere in the world and also what it will take to prepare yourself to do it and the mistakes you should not make.

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