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The Demise of Rapid Romeo

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Late on Wednesday nights/Thursday mornings, Rapid Romeo has been visiting a married lady whose husband is always gone Wednesday night. Rapid Romeo parks his car in the deep shadow under a tree on a side street, apparently to avoid advertising that his lady friend has a visitor. The deep shadow will work well with the plans that I and the repo guy make.
Wednesday night, I walk from my place, over to the repo place, a couple of mile hike, because I don’t want my car to be seen at the repo place. The repo guy then uses his truck and drives us over to where I tell him. We get to the side street and Rapid Romeo’s soon to be ex-car is parked right where it lately always is on a Wednesday night. The repo guy and I use the master keys a repo operation always has and, by chance, one of my keys opens the passenger side door. I make sure that the passenger side door is closed and then I dash around the car, brandishing the key to let the repo guy know I can open the driver’s side door. The repo guy trots over to his truck and waits. I get in Rapid Romeo’s soon to be ex-car and make damn sure that all of the doors and windows of the stolen are closed and locked. I then fire up Rapid Romeo’s ex-car and ease it away from the curb.
The repo guy dives into his truck, as I start the car.
I then follow the repo guy’s truck through back streets on our way over to his impound lot.
(To understand the next bit of action, you need to analyze Rapid Romeo’s situation from a systems point of view. Rapid Romeo is screwing some guy’s wife, in the guy’s house. If Rapid Romeo gets discovered by her husband, he may have to run for it. One thing he doesn’t need is to drop his wallet during his escape. Thus, Rapid Romeo doesn’t take his wallet into the house. No, he cleverly stashes his wallet under the drivers side seat of his car.)
As I follow the repo guy, I feel under the seat and find a wallet sized lump. I stash the wallet in my inside jacket pocket. I also manage to raid the glove compartment for a few interesting items.
We get back to the repo guy’s impound lot. I dump Rapid Romeo’s ex-car in the inner lot and trot back out to the repo guy’s office. I get my pay from the repo guy and tell him, “You never saw me. You have no idea who I am. I was most certainly not involved in the repo of the stolen.”
The repo guy smiles, shakes his head and says, “In my business, my short term memory loss is a real advantage.”
I stuff my pay in my jacket pocket and take off, on foot, for home. I keep to the dark shadows and listen carefully for sounds of movement, in order to avoid being spotted. I slide down dark streets until I find a street light, sort of hidden behind a large bush that blocks most of the view from the main street. I discover, to my surprise and delight, that Rapid Romeo has a very nice chunk of cash in his wallet.
(I later discover that the money in his wallet is very probably Rapid Romeo’s life savings, plus every cent he could borrow around the beach, and was destined for a drug buy, to get Rapid Romeo goods for sale to earn him some much needed income.) There are also four credit cards inside the wallet, each credit card with a different name. There are also four different driver’s licenses, with names to match the credit cards. I take the credit cards and leave the driver’s licenses. There’s a top of the line condom, which I take and a piece of paper that I also take. The piece of paper has girl’s names and telephone numbers. I rip the piece of paper into a hundred shreds and deposit a few shreds in each vacant lot, mud puddle, storm drain, etc. If I keep the paper and call just one of the girls, the beach then knows who took Rapid Romeo’s car and I don’t need the notoriety.)
I then dump what’s left of Rapid Romeo’s wallet into a mail box. He can explain to the Postal Service why he has four driver’s licenses in four different names.

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