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The Very Debonair Lady Claire

143 pages2 hours


When Claire Barton’s twin is murdered, she takes his place as a code breaker for the War Department to flush out his killer. Her ruse works perfectly—until the man who once broke her heart becomes her new spymaster. He sees right through her disguise but if he thinks he can stop her from doing what she must, he’s in for a bigger surprise than when he’d realized just who wore the trousers now.

The last thing Lord Andrew Sedgewick expects to find when he’s asked to root out a traitor is the one woman he’s never been able to forget. The worst mistake of his life was walking away from Claire that Christmas six years ago.
Now that he’s found her again, he doesn’t intend to let her go—if they both survive this holiday season.

**This story was originally released in DASHING ALL THE WAY, a limited anthology. The set is no longer available, but I highly recommend reading Elizabeth Essex’s complementary story, UP ON THE ROOFTOPS, as well in order to enjoy the world to its fullest :) **

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