It’s SPIRIT, Stupid, NOT Matter: The Answer to ALL the World’s Problems

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It’s SPIRIT, Stupid, NOT Matter: The Answer to ALL the World’s Problems

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As a civilization we’re doing some things quite well and others not so well. Imagine for a moment we could gain access to a source of knowledge many magnitudes greater than ours. Could we fix all those areas where we’re not doing well, and make huge advances in the others? The answer is yes, and we can do that anytime. We just need to stop refusing to pay attention to highly respected people no longer in a physical body who can share with us information that would enable us to advance quickly in many areas.
Part of our hesitation to tap this source is due to the notion on the part of some scientists currently alive that nothing exists beyond the material world, and any information purporting to come from dead people cannot be taken seriously. However, they ignore a lot of sensible, highly credible, down-to-earth evidence to the contrary, presented in this book.
It speculates about the advances we might make in several major fields, and the serious troubles we might eliminate, if we started to listen to information from the spirit world and act on it. From space travel to agriculture to energy to climate to transportation to the end of wars, the possibilities are inspiring, and they might occur quickly.

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