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Obey: Second Dawn Book II

476 pages6 hours


The ‘Alien Huntress’ is back ... and now she’s on the run.

After learning the truth about the hybrid aliens and their assimilation into the human population, Dillon Shaw’s next mission is to find the people responsible. In order to do that, she’ll have to face off against the NIA—the covert agency where she served for 19 years. Only now, they’ve framed her for a political assassination and made her a wanted fugitive. Falsely accused and the target of a nationwide manhunt, Dillon retreats underground, dodging shady bounty hunters, primal hybrids and a covert assassin from her past.

With her former squad under surveillance and no backup, Dillon’s is forced to align with the anti-government resistance group, the Sojourners. They’ve discovered a classified file exposing the NIA’s connection to the ‘O.B.E.Y. Protocol’—human experimentation using alien DNA.
However, Dillon soon learns that the price on her head means she can’t afford to trust anyone—not even her allies. With her enemies closing in, a path to redemption won’t be easy.

But when it comes to Dillon Shaw ... nothing ever is.

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