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Hostile Takeover

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Alex Lucas and Kirsten Hanssen grew up together playing and skiing in the Colorado Rockies. As adults they remain friends even as Alex’s job as a Secret Service agent keeps them apart much of the time. When Alex goes undercover to expose a billionaire’s attempt to turn the nation into a socialist utopia he is forced to go on the run to escape both Government agents and the billionaire’s assassins. In his quest he uses his skills as a computer hacker to struggle through a maze of hidden financial accounts and payoffs as he tries to prevent a hostile takeover of the U. S. Government.
In the meantime Kirsten has given up her attempts to win over Alex romantically and begins a relationship with man she met on the ski slopes. But after they move in together he reveals his controlling and abusive nature. When Alex comes to rescue her she joins him in his flight to elude capture while resuming her personal quest to move her relationship with Alex to a more romantic level.
They travel throughout the southwest gathering evidence to expose the billionaire’s conspiracy to take over Congress and impeach the President. Along the way they discover a terrorist training camp in northwestern Georgia that is part of the takeover plan. While on a surveillance mission to the camp Alex and a friend are captured and tortured. They manage to escape just before the President sends in Air Force drones armed with Hellfire missiles to destroy the compound.
Meanwhile, back at their hideout in the Colorado Rockies, the leader of the assassins is coming after Kirsten. Using her wits she manages to turn the tables and defeat the assassin. When Alex returns he vows to get out of the secret agent business while they plan their future together.
Hostile Takeover is a fast-paced story of romance, danger, and political conspiracy that will captivate you to the very end.

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