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Bomb Alley To Hellfire Corner: Recollections of a childhood in Kent's "Bomb Alley" during WW2

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Recollections of a childhood in Kent's "Bomb Alley" during WW2.

1940; WW2. The skies are full of British pilots battling foreign warplanes. In Kent's “Bomb Alley”, 5-year-old Ron Shears and his gang of “ragamuffin” friends laugh and play, oblivious as to the significance of the excitement in the skies. In this autobiographical account, Ron reminisces about the adventures and the horrors experienced during the era. Innocence and mischief abound, we'll join the boys as they search for war souvenirs; set off unexploded bullets; fashion DIY slingshots; play with fuses; get stuck exploring toppling house remains; chase one another in underground tunnels; crab fish amidst dangerous currents; race home-made carts (and buses!); sledge on washboards; get covered in dog poo daily and partake in the obligatory farting contests. Juxtaposed with the joyful memories are more sobering accounts of missing fathers; crashing pilots; impaled horses; villages blasted into craters; near-drowning incidents and insights into the lives of British pilots and the opposition.

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