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My Mother In-Love My Mentor: Mother In-Law A Mother-Mentor (Harmonious Relationship Between Mothers And Daughters In-Laws)

95 pages1 hour


Are you a mother in-law, daughter in-law or soon to be one?
Are you looking forward to enjoying a blissful, harmonious and stress-free mother-daughter or daughter-mother in-law relationship?
If yes, this book is all you have been waiting for!

God's intention is for us to follow peace and live in love with all men, irrespective of what the case may be with you and your mother/daughter in-law. God wants both of you to live in peace and that is what “My Mother in- Love, My Mentor” is all about.

In this book, you will discover amazing tips on how to enjoy an atmosphere of peace and oneness with your daughter- mother in-law or vice versa. This piece provides you with biblical insights on how mothers and daughters in-law can relate, accepting and treating each other the way God intends it.

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