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The History of the Church (Translated by Arthur Cushman McGiffert)

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Written by Eusebius, the bishop of Caesarea, “The History of the Church” is the pioneering 4th century work which details the chronological history of early Christianity from the time of Christ to Constantine. This monumental work of Christian history stands apart from other contemporary histories as the first full-length record of early Christianity from a Christian point of view. A fierce advocate for the Christian religion, Eusebius lived in Caesarea Maritima, a coastal city in modern day Israel, prior to and during the rule of Constantine. At the time of Eusebius’ life his hometown had became a center of Christian learning, through the work of Christian theologian Origen, and his follower Pamphilus, Eusebius’ own teacher. This made Eusebius an ideal candidate to make a record of Christianity’s crucial first three hundred years. While sometimes criticized as biased and inaccurate “The History of the Church” nevertheless provides an indispensable perspective upon the foundations of the Christian church and religion. This edition follows the translation of Arthur Cushman McGiffert.

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