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Variant: The Lieutenant Harrington Series, #4

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As the Miami Homicide Bureau's lead detective, Lieutenant Nash Harrington has seen just about every way one person could take another's life. Still, the latest scene is something new.

It isn't the woman who was violently stabbed to death in her bed. Nash has seen similar scenes countless times. It isn't the fact that there were no signs of forced entry, murder weapons, or suspects. He's seen that more times than he could count.

What is new to the lieutenant is the book lying beside the woman's body. The book, ominously titled and written by a local author, describes the very scene that Harrington has been called to.

And that scene from the book is just the first. As the body count rises, Harrington and his team must hunt down the person responsible for the grisly crimes before the entire work of fiction becomes a reality.

Unknown to Harrington, this story may have an alternate ending.

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