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Christain Romance: A Real Christian Love Story

52 pages46 minutes


God fearing, Jody Ellis, was on a mission. The single aunt had been called to raise her nephew and teach him to walk in the light of the Lord. She'd been doing just fine, until his senior year high school. Basketball had been just for fun, but now her nephew wanted to make a career of it. Jody could have easily put a stop it, if only a very handsome and very persuasive college coach hadn't walked into her life. Ben Thatcher had seen players come and go, but Jody's nephew had skills most athletes only dreamt of. Everyone wanted the kid, but Ben wanted to have him too. He also didn't mind taking his very alluring aunt as well. Ben found Jody more than attractive and knew she could feel their chemistry. Her only issue was: Ben's unwillingness to put his faith in God again. Ben was once Christian, but turned his back on the church a long time ago. Will Ben get the woman and the player he wants? Will Jody allow her nephew to play and surrender to temptation? These two would use every trick in the book to get their way, but in the end, only God's way would prevail.


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