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The Common Christianity: God's Undefiled True Religion: The Common Christianity, #1

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Christianity is the largest religion in the world today with over 2 billion followers all calling themselves Christians.  Christianity in the past suffered violence and a lot of wars were fought in the name of Christianity. Although Jesus Christ name brings peace, we have seen where the name Christianity only brought chaos. Is there really a difference between the religion that men have made versus that Jesus has formed?  We, in truth, need to ask ourselves some serious questions though such as "Did Jesus Christ really form the religion Christianity? Where in the entire Bible did Jesus Christ call his disciples Christians?" We can ask a lot of philosophical questions but unless we get the answers we'll still be left in the dark. I know that there are many Christian churches worldwide all claiming to have a relationship with Jesus Christ but are we sure Jesus has established all these places of worship? How many churches did Jesus form? Didn't Jesus say "Upon this Rock will I build my Church and the gates of Hell will not prevail?" Didn't He say these things? The truth is Jesus Christ said these things and more. He has the words of Eternal Life. The Bible doesn't speak of Christianity or even vain religion, but rather it speaks of the Living Jesus Christ. Do you want to understand and learn the truth of Jesus Christ and not the vain religion called Christianity? 
How often do we go to church? Are the lovely cathedrals on earth the Church of Jesus Christ? Is a nice building the Church of Jesus Christ? In fact, how can we identify the Church of Jesus Christ? With so many fake churches and religions in the world, how can we know for certain that we serve the Jesus Christ of the Bible? Do we dwell among people who just so-called "love Jesus" but have no actions of His love in their lives and to others? The saying goes: "Go to church and find Jesus." But where in the Holy Bible is such a thing written?  Didn't the Holy Bible say to come out of her My people? Didn't Jesus say come out of Babylon? So how's it we are still sitting and living comfortably in the plains of Babylon? 
And how about the different titles for Jesus Christ. Do you know them? Do you also know the different names of Satan? What do you know about ancient gods, goddesses, and strong men? Are you familiar with the gods of ancient Egypt and Greece? Do you know about Pan, Amun, Amunra, and the Goat of Mendes? If you want to learn more about these things then read this

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