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Tough As Texas: Cowboys of the Double R, #3

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Leonard. His name repeated in her head. She needed a cowboy to top things off. One who painted himself hard on the outside but was actually soft and warm and kind … everything a woman could want to hang onto. If she’d make up her mind and do it.


Leonard Swan grew up as the average kid in an average Texas home in the suburbs. His career as a cowboy came along late in his teens. He’s taken to the lifestyle well enough, but still has doubts about how he measures up. After all, he has the real thing around him every day in men like Jared Flint and Tyson Pyke.

Brigid O’Neal is at the Double R Ranch to write an article about the modern cowboy. Being there, however, is the result of the animosity of her boss. With what she knows about him, he can’t afford to fire her, but he can make life hard.

Meeting Leonard on day one is a pleasant surprise. They have fun together and an undeniable attraction, despite their huge lifestyle differences. And her usual need to stay uncommitted. He’s the perfect guide to show her the ropes, and a gentleman with a kind heart and a sexy smile. For the first time in her life, she might have met a man worth hanging onto.

Yet the unexpected arrival of a hated former beau, combined with the secret she holds, pressure her to make a disastrous choice. One that, without God’s help and forgiveness, might destroy the promising relationship with her cowboy for good.

Book 3 in the COWBOYS OF THE DOUBLE R series by author, SUZANNE D. WILLIAMS. 34,000 words.

*Can be read as a stand alone.*

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