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Intersections: Faith, Church, And the Academy

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Intersections: Faith, Church, and the Academy was conceived as
an interfaith resource. It has been designed to provide insight into
both the history of the involvement of Methodism in the interfaith
movement and the issues that may shape the future of this field of engagement.
More important, this volume seeks to underscore some of
the efforts taking place on college and university campuses and chaplaincy
ministries aimed at building bridges between diverse groups of
advantaged and disadvantaged populations. It is meant to provide a
platform from which we can learn the experiences and innovations of
our peers. It is further meant to inspire future opportunities for Methodist
institutions to play key roles in preparing individuals to be the
intercultural leaders of the present and future.
In this volume, readers will find an array of chapters written by
scholars, chaplains, university administrators, and clergy. The chapters
seek to shed light on projects, programs, research, and experiences
that are shaping lives and perspectives.

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