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The Art of The Mulligan

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The new golf guide, “The Art of the Mulligan: Fun Golf For Everyone” brings more fun to the game for golfers of all skill levels Art of the Mulligan goes well beyond the usual “hit it again” Mulligan on the first tee into whole new uses for the Mulligan to get more fun out of your game.
Sharing new Mulligan guidelines developed by long time average golfer Myron Kukla and his golfing friends, the book introduces the concept that since Mulligans aren't covered by PGA rules, golfers can use Mulligans any time they need as an “improvement shot” to stay competitive.
“The concept of the Mulligan on the first tee hasn’t changed in over 100 years since Dave Mulligan in Canada and John “Buddy” Mulligan in New Jersey started using the shot in the 1920s,” Kukla said.
He and weekend golf buddies expanded the “do over” shot from only being used on the first tee, to being allowed on any tee. Then they got creative and took off the tee limitation and made it, “Play the Mulligan Anywhere, Except on the Green.”
The humorous book is filled with descriptions of places and times to best use a Mulligan to knock two-to-three strokes or more off a round of golf. And if you play Kukla’s “one Mulligan a side” rule, an average player can lower their score by up to six strokes by improving just a couple bad shots per round.
“What we have to remember is that for professional golfers, golf is their business. They practice every day with the best equipment on the best courses while we might get to hit a bucket of balls once a week before our league round,” writes Kukla in the book. “Is it fair then, that you, the weekend golfer, have to play by the same rules as professional golfers.”
Calling the Mulligan “the most underutilized tool in your golf bag,” the book gives pointers on Mulligan strategy and management, match play Mulligans, and just how to use it to improve you game and score.
“I believe golf is a fun game to be enjoyed, not torture.”
The book also includes a short history of how the Scots invented golf on the windswept shores of the North Atlantic with a bottle of Scotch to keep them warm. “I believe a lot of rules of golf--like having players call penalties on themselves--can be attributed to the Scots being drunk when they created the rules.”

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