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Bad Things 4

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Jah'miya discovers that Richmond's out of prison, so it's easy for her life to go back to normal, right? Wrong. What had started off as a scheme to get money to get him out of prison slowly starts to snowball into a disaster, as Jah'miya comes face-to-face with the repercussions of her actions.

Janiqua is determined to treat herself to the most expensive things, which would alert the police. Richmond wants to make it up to Jah'miya for his mistakes, but she's not too quick to forgive him. She can't deny that she still loves him, but there's a lot he has to make up for.

And Keantay refuses to leave the picture. Their secret "friendship" seems to be at an end until Jah'miya realizes only he can give her something no one else can.

But who will pay the price for it?

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