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Vanilla & Spells: The Craftsfield Witches, #3

160 pages2 hours



Lily Thomas just wants to live a normal life and to run her ice cream shop. Except her heritage as a witch won't leave her alone. Now her visions are coming more frequently and screwing up her life. If she could just get a handle on them…But when a good dead goes awry, Lily is sent to the coven leader's house to learn how to control her powers or have her magic bound. Sounds like the best option, in her opinion, but when mysteries swarm around her, her visions might be the one thing to save her life.Add in her new romance with Jarred, keeping her business afloat, and deal with a coven member who blames her for his daughter's coma, and Lily's got her hands full.Can she find out who is trying to take her powers and kill her before it's too late?Author's Note: The Witches of CraftsField series is suitable for teens and adults who enjoy a cozy witch mystery.  

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