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The Silver Water Coincidences: Will a Unique Form of Nanosilver Ever Be an Approved Treatment for Cancer, TB, HIV and Several Less Serious Conditions?

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Imagine you’re 85, riddled with stomach cancer, with only a month to live. Remarkably, you start drinking something that looks and tastes like water, and six weeks later you are in good health. Friends with sick relatives ask you for the water. You give away your last bottle. When you search the internet for more, you find people asking $8000 a bottle! What do you do? The average person might just forget about it and continue living a full life. But Harry Watson is no average person.

At age 85, Harry decided he had to share his discovery of “silver water” with the world. After months of effort, he managed to get the distribution rights to this unique, high-quality nanosilver, and he made it available at prices anyone could afford.

The good news? Scores of people have shared with him how their conditions improved while taking Precious WatersTM nanosilver. The bad news? FDA regulations forbid making any claims that it treats or cures any disease; however, it is allowed to be sold as a dietary supplement. Harry, now age 92, continues to spread the word, eager to help as many people as possible.

This book was written to help Harry spread the word. If you know anyone with cancer, leukemia, HIV, TB or even a less serious condition, you might suggest they read about these “coincidences” where people got better from a variety of diseases at the same time they happened to be taking Precious WatersTM. No medical claims are made, but the coincidences keep piling up.

This book is a short, fast read, but it could make an amazing impact on the life of anyone who wants to see if they can enjoy the same happy coincidences others have experienced. Here are just a few:

The Vietnam vet who cheated death from bacterial lung infection
The California woman who is a walking miracle after a brain tumor
The Bible study leader whose Merkel Cell carcinoma disappeared
The young Pennsylvania woman who beat endometriosis and joined the military
The woman who stopped having blood in her urine after eight years
The totally paralyzed minister who now speaks and writes sermons
The fellow who is beating Stage 4 prostate cancer
...and more!

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