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Inside of Sol resided a light everyone naturally ended up following. But this light had a flaw. 

It was when she stepped into her unconscious hours that she saw reality completely objectively, stripped to the very essence. What she saw from then on was unshakable intuitive feeling that all she knew about others and about her life was a lie. There was no perceiving truth as everyone was in some way or another involved in a pretentious game they played so eagerly, never wanting to pull the exit card. Everything seemed so strongly flawed that she had no choice but to quit, escape and evolve in her own solitude.

The near-death experience gave her a special ability to see everyone’s faces without the façade they wrapped themselves with. She could see their underlying intentions.

This is the story of the time when Sol abandoned bonds of family and friendship in order to choose her own path to follow. However, what she didn't choose, or better foresee, was that this path required more bravery than she was capable of bearing. 

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