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And God Requireth That Which Is Past. The Invincible Empire

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Set in the middle of Darayawahush I (Darius I) reign. Two bright young faces: Mzysia, the spirited daughter of the Svan chief and Kshayarsha, the fierce heir to the Persian throne, water and fire, how can these two elements possibly become one? This dilemma is the drive of the story. The first installment of the series "And God Requireth that which is Past" tells the beginning of these two rebels amidst court intrigues, bloody wars, and dizzying adventures.

The events and characters in this book are closely based on primary Greco-Roman and Persian sources as well as the latest archeological research. The faces dug up from the ancient dust have been brought back to life in this tale. So when you meet a slave or a rich merchant or a wet nurse of the princes, be assured that they were real people.

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